Jentchina (Rus. женщина : Woman) is the client library part of 'The Birds Lake' framework. Click here [The Birds Lake] to have a global view of the frame work. It is independant from any graphical toolkit. It's role is to create the filters trees, to maintain them and to propose an API that enables the application of a filter the easyest way as possible (but beeing independant of any GUI).

Jentchina should also propose some optimisations like the search of the filters as a thread (without blocking your application), a cache system, a unified interface (without taking care of how the message are transfered (CORBA, HTTP, ...). It must be created in mind that a new TBL network must be created very easily. It must propose different views on the available filters (per server, per category, per history, per author, ...).

Click here [Inner Working] to be introduced how it works.

Jentchina uses LibIGen for handling with forms

Jentchina uses LsmLib for archiving and packeting the document that have to be sent over the network.

Dependance : glib-2.0, libxml2, linc, gobject-2.0, ORBit-2.0, ORBit-CosNaming-2.0, gnome-vfs-2.0, gnome-vfs-module-2.0, LsmLib-2.0, LibIGen-2.0,