Lioubliou (Rus. люблю : to love) is a library part of [The Birds Lake] project. It is used to write filters servers (called Lioubovnik (Rus: lover), the task of the Lioubovnik, is just to wrap some functions in the destination langage, and some other stuffs). Lioubliou cares about filter sessions (Hashtable filterSessionHash and LiouFilterSession Object), registering server in local database, abstracts network messages, supports CORBA via ORBit but the design of the library can support other communication media later. It is abstracting also lsmlib by unarchiving the document in the subfolder 'in' of the working directory, unarchiving embendded files of the LibIGen interfaces stream in the 'ifaces' subdir and by archiving the 'out' dir as being the result of the filter.

The session key is a random number in order not to be found easily. Then this number is converted into string that may be as long as we want (if needed for security reasons). On Jentchina (the client library), a session key is something like :, i.e. a Lioubliou session key prefixed by domain and server id.


A lot of work has to be done in Lioubliou :

If we want to create filters in PHP, we should also think about develop a light-weight version in this langage (this may be easy, since the getRessource method will be easy to write for HTTP.

Dependencies glib-2.0, ORBit-2.0, linc, libxml-2.0, gthread, lsmlib-2.0, LibIGen-2.0